Grow Fresh Organic Food to Feed Your Family and Sell for Profit 

Did you know you could co-brand my forthcoming book and group coaching program? I’m proud to announce the co-branding opportunity for likeminded individuals, brands, or organizations who want to offer the book/program to their own audience. There’s also an Affiliate opportunity where you can share revenues from sales made to your audience through your Affiliate portal page. You can learn all about these programs if you keep reading below or click on the link at the top labeled, "Membership Options."



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As a Co-Brand, Affiliate, or Enterprise Member of my program, you’ll get all the benefits of the Retail Membership, plus the benefit of brand exposure in your target market and 3 full-page ad insertions in my book, as well as a turnkey income opportunity that pays you whenever your audience purchases a seat in my program. You can even earn overrides and bonus on your sales and sales made by your team. Not to mention the co-brand customization of the cover that proclaims, “You, Your Brand, Or Your Organization Presents” above the book’s title.


Maybe you don’t want that kind of exposure . . . You can always just buy the $26/year Retail edition instead. Perhaps self-promotion and income producing opportunities aren’t for you. Maybe you're not entrepreneurial or aren’t looking for an opportunity to earn a revenue share for each co-branded membership you sell to your audience through your co-branded portal page that makes it as easy as sharing a link with your target audience. You just want the valuable content that I've packed into 300 pages and a full-year of group coaching to help you grow fresh organic food, harvest your own rainwater, generate your own energy, and live a more sustainable life. 


Don’t worry, for only $26/year, you can pick up the Retail program membership—and that includes a copy of my ebook (without the co-branding, or the 3 full-page ad insertions, of course). Sure, you won’t have the right to sell the book through a co-branded portal page, much less earn a piece of the sales revenue when you sell it to your organization’s audience. But you will get all this:


  • You'll receive a copy of my book, packed with 300 pages of my personal guidance, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations—including parts and tool lists, and even market prices, when available.


  • You'll receive group coaching from me for an entire year (renewable annually), when I'll be helping you to take back control of your food from corporate giants that charge high prices, damage our health, poison the foods we eat, harm the livestock, too—and destroy the environment.


  • You'll have access to my EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group so you can connect with me and other members who have joined my program.


  • You'll be invited to monthly group webinars to learn advanced strategies for deploying urban farms, profiting financially from filling commercial niches through your urban farm operation, as well as earning money promoting my program through its Affiliate Program. And you can access recordings anytime during your membership.


  • You'll get to share in the Facebook Group how you're applying lessons from the book to your own life to eat healthier, create home-based income from your gardens and livestock operations, and helping your local community at the same time.


Download your Free Sample Section


Maybe you’re wondering how you get the benefits of the upper-tier program membership. Well, I’m glad you asked. The Co-Branded Membership option will only cost you just $76/year, while the Affiliate Membership will set you back $96/year (Remember, the Affiliate Membership entitles you to earn commissions on every co-branded membership you sell to your audience. And, if you’re the REAL entrepreneur type, you’ll appreciate the Enterprise Membership option, which for just $126/year earns you commissions on co-branded Enterprise Member sales through your co-branded portal page, the right to sell the Affiliate option and the Enterprise option through that same co-branded portal page, and even qualify for sales bonus available only to Enterprise Members.


If you’re still reading, you probably figured out by now that these program options are meant to spread the idea virus of my program as far and wide as possible while sharing the income from this campaign with those of you who help us get the word out. But, remember, you can opt for the Retail Membership if you don’t want any of part of that, and that option is just $26/year. 


Stop for a moment and think what that really costs you monthly: It’s less than $2.50 per month, for all those bulleted benefits I listed up there. And even my top-tier Membership—Remember the Enterprise Membership—amounts to just $10.50 per month. That’s less than the price of a take-out pizza for all that value, plus the business opportunity I’ve wrapped into the deal for you.


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This is my worldwide invitation to give people everywhere the ability, knowledge, and tools to grow their own food and profit from excess production. So this is more than an income opportunity for you—it’s a positive service project you can be proud to be aligned with. 


Plus, you’ll learn how to grow organic food to feed your family and sell for profit, so you’re getting training to create even more streams of income through my program. Truth is, the longer you get coaching from me, the richer you become. Because the lessons I teach are grounded in sound business strategy as much as they are sustainable, organic, and clean. 


Enough of me talking about my new program. Isn’t it time you got on the waiting list? It launches in Fall 2018, so I won’t take a dime from you now. All you need to do is click this special link, enter your name and email address on the other side, and you’re on the waiting list. 


See you on the other side!


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