LeaderArena is a total business system built around thought leadership. Combining a marketing program, a profit model, ecommerce, and social web technology, members are able to launch a community based around their ideas, attract and cultivate an audience, and profit from their brand.

Advanced Manipulation: Theory & Technique

The groundbreaking book from Terry Elder and Kevin Curtin, both doctors of chiropractic (DC) and professors at National University of Health Sciences, goes beyond the traditional textbook to bring clinical instruction into the 21st century. Filled with more than 100 HD-quality videos, the interactive volume demonstrates manipulation therapy at the top of its game. 

Grannycare in Geneva, Illinois

Grannycare Family Childcare is a different kind of day care. Founder Patricia Poirier provides a quality of care that grannies give, with the intuition and wisdom, patience, and perception the years have given her. She meets each life with nurturing abundance, being present to the gifts and needs of newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children in her care.

Able Pathways

Able Pathways is an Internet radio program that advocates for people with disabilities. Host Robin Pritts interviews guests in a 60-minute talk show format. Both Robin and his guest have disabilities. Rob had nearly 100 recordings of past shows and wanted a LeaderArena channel to stream them and build exposure for his consulting brand. 

The Disability Training Alliance

The Disability Training Alliance is a professional training and development firm that delivers custom training to business, government, nonprofits, and academia that lead to improved interaction with people with disabilities in the workplace and advocacy in legal action and civil rights cases.