Advanced Manipulation: Theory & Technique
The Opportunity

Terry Elder and Kevin Curtin, both doctors of chiropractic (DC) and professors at National University of Health Sciences, were working on a textbook for the 21st century. Instead of a paper-based book, they wanted a truly interactive instructional guide, one that included video content for every lesson. The authors teamed up with Riverstone Media Group to produce it for them.

Our Solution

Riverstone co-founder Dom De Bellis conducted a discovery to learn about the subject matter, audience, desired features and authors' expectations. Then he surveyed the many competing ebook standards in the market, including the ePub standard, which the team eventually selected. Among ePub authoring environments, only Apple iBooks Author had a robust enough developer platform to support video.


While editorial and video production proceded on the book itself, we built a thought leader channel on, creating new content to promote, package, and merchandise the forthcoming book. We built in fan membership and exclusive bonus content for customers who bought the book. The promotional channel included:

  • A marketing strategy, complete with a brand identity and marketing plan, social strategy, and editorial strategy​;

  • An official blog where both authors contributed, with Facebook commenting and the ability to simultaneously post audience comments to Facebook;

  • Author biographical profiles;

  • The ability to download and view a free sample of the book;

  • The ability to buy the book from LeaderArena's store;

  • A copy of the book's Preface;

  • A sample video lesson live-streaming from the channel;

  • Additional videos for customers who bought the book;

  • Online testimonials and media reviews of the book; and

  • A threaded discussion forum for fans to interact with the authors and with each other


The Results

  • Advanced Manipulation launched with more than 100 lessons in glorious HD video​;

  • The ebook was compatible with Apple iPad, Mac, 
    and Windows​;

  • The membership channel on LeaderArena welcomed the authors' students (current and past), colleagues, fans, and customers, delivering bonus content to customers;

  • The authors even developed a derivative online course, and promoted and sold it to students through LeaderArena;


Lessons Learned

The experience of producing a world-class ebook in the professional education industry for the health care practitioner was a worthy one. The additional marketing support we produced, including a membership channel on LeaderArena, tested the architecture of the platform. We now know that when we take on a client who wants an ebook or other information product produced and supported, we are fully capable of delivering, making us a worthy partner to help launch such an endeavor.