Grannycare in Geneva, Illinois
The Opportunity

Patricia Poirier wanted a website for her distinctive day care. She approached Riverstone Media Group and co-founder Dom De Bellis to develop a simple site around a blog but also had complex content needs that included her innovative philosophy and the building blocks that embodied it, as well as her singular vision and mission for a daycare that went far beyond babysitting to creating an atmosphere where learning is second nature. Mrs. Poirier, you see, was focused on nurturing and supporting each child's personhood, and the healthy environment she had created in Geneva, Illinois enabled children to learn self-respect and respect for others because she regards them as essential needs.

Our Solution

Dom De Bellis created a content plan to accommodate all the content in an orderly presentation on the website. Using this basic architecture, pages of Mrs. Poirier's written notes, and dozens of photos she had taken over the years, he produced a site that featured:

  • A blog to update clients and visitors on Grannycare's developments and activities ​;

  • Descriptions of curriculum planned for the children at each developmental stage, including: hand washing, brushing their teeth, good hygeine habits, self-dressing, etc.

  • Mrs. Poirier's own words describing her vision, mission, and underlying philosophy for the day care she has operated for decades, and the "building blocks" that make up the curriculum she teaches;

  • A content management system that allowed Mrs. Poirier to update her own content if she desired, in addition to having Dom update it for her;

  • Client testimonials from satisfied parents


The Results

  • Mrs. Poirier has used her site for several years to attract new business and communicate with existing clients, and those clients have proudly pointed their friends to the site to see the distinctive d ifferences of their child's day care​;

  • Mrs. Poirier has documented her DCFS license status, her affiliations with local schools and cultural groups, the organic food menus she prepares to feed the children, and the fitness goals she has for them;

  • Mrs. Poirier has diligently updated her blog to include photos of the children, as well as their progress;


Lessons Learned

Working with Mrs. Poirier was a joy and, while not a technical challenge in terms of software development, her content needs were challenging. We developed refinements in our content management planning to streamline the process, which helped us considerably when taking on more complex, layered content sites that would come later. We are confident when taking on new clients who have ambitious content objectives, thanks to our early experience with Grannycare of Geneva, Illinois.