Case Studies
The Opportunity

Riverstone Media Group wanted to launch a flagship online service at the center of its media network. Riverstone co-founder Dom De Bellis was asked to develop a membership site around a monthly recurring revenue model that enabled thought leaders to profit from their expertise.  

Our Solution

Dom De Bellis created LeaderArena, the complete thought leadership system that enabled any member to launch their own thought leader brand complete with an online marketing channel branded around it and supported by a real profit model that transacted its value with customers. The platform included an integrated marketing program including video publishing, social media, email newsletters, fan advocacy mobilization, and gamification. Each channel featured:

  • The member's personal brand consistent with their graphic identity and marketing strategy​;

  • An official blog with social network post capability;

  • Monetization through sponsorship support and sales of the member's products or services;

  • Full creative rights—100% content ownership;

  • Merchandising through LeaderArena's online store;

  • Access to LeaderArena's experts for strategy consultations;

  • Digital tools for fans to promote content with their own social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter;

  • Content management maintenance, to schedule, produce, and refresh content;

  • Sponsorship functionality as an added revenue stream; and

  • Official promotional contests


The Results

  • LeaderArena launched on time and on budget with full functionality, meeting deadlines for planned upgrades in functionality for a full 4 years​;

  • Store sales and sposorships funded member profit models;

  • Channels recruited fans to spread their brands to their social networks and evangelizing others;

  • Thought leaders promoted their books, public speaking services, and even online courses through LeaderArena;

  • LeaderArena facilitated fan bases and monetized them for members, packing and transacting their expert value across the world through the network and social media;

Lessons Learned

The experience of producing a multichannel, membership website around a magazine format that included multiple forms of media (video, blogs, ebooks, online courses, games, polling, etc.) stretched Dom De Bellis technically and creatively. We apply those lessons whenever we take on a new client, using what we've learned to maximize our value and invest the most in our fruitful relationship.