Content marketing is strategic. You want valuable, relevant content that is consistent. You want the attention of a targeted audience. You want customers. Good thing that's in our blood.
In terms of marketing, content is everything. You need it for attracting new customers as well as reaching existing customers to keep them informed about new programs and offers, reinforcing your benefits, keeping them in the loop about brand advantages, and making sure they stay loyal to your brand rather than jump to your competition. You work too hard and invest too much money in a new customer to risk losing them to another company. 
We are content strategists. We build content that your audience values and engages with, because it's targeted to them, so it's relevant, fresh, and timely. That rings true to your customers. We make sure content is streamlined from its origin to its creation and production, through revision and approval, to placement—whether in sales email messages, on your company website, in social media, in your annual report, or in the press.
We know where your content is going before we create or source it. That's how we maximize efficiency and economies of scale, making content a streamlined function—a strategic one—in your organiziation. Before deploying it through critical channels, we identify audiences and where they spend their time, so we can pinpoint where those messages need to go.
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Great content means nothing if no one sees it. That's why we manage content with an eye toward how it will be used throughout a cycle we call "The Progressive Functions of Content."