Do you want to grow your business? Increase your income? Become a better leader? A better you? Are you ready to align your actions and attitude to reach your purpose, vision, and goals? Do you seek out accountability and systematic support? If that's you, prepare to be coached.


• Define your vision;

• Set challenging goals; and

• Create a massive plan of action to achieve extraordinary results

For more than 20 years, Dom has coached business owners, investors, athletes, ​educators, physicians, artists, and other high performing individuals. His sensitivity to their needs and guidance to align their goals with their core values has helped them reach the next level in their lives and work. 

Typically, Dom works with clients through Skype video conferencing, but phone and in-person coaching, though less frequent, is also available. 
Coaching sessions are scheduled in advance, so clients and Dom can block out the time and honor these appointments as the priority in their respective schedules. We intentionally limit sessions to 3 per client per month, allowing for a weekly session 3 weeks out of the 4 in a typical month; this gives clients a week off during each month. In rare cases, when a client's particular needs require it, Dom will schedule 4 or more sessions per month. 
Groups and individuals can benefit from coaching, but please note: Coaching is NOT therapy or consulting. The work we accomplish in coaching is up to the individual being coached. Dom will empower you with the focus, insight, and objective accountability you require so you may achieve the results you demand of yourself. 
The environment Dom establishes in his coaching is a trusting, supportive one that preserves the client's privacy much as in the rest of his services, only more so given the confidential, personal nature of these conversations.
Reserve your 30-minute FREE consultation, during which you may share your business or personal challenges or strategic vision, what's lacking in your professional satisfaction, what drew you to coaching, and why you think you're ready for a change now. Register for your 30-minute consultation below.