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Dom co-hosts an independent video talk show with Scott Pyburn called Monkeys Drinking Beans.

About Dom De Bellis


Dom is an entrepreneur, leadership coach, educator, author, public speaker, and talk show host. He is equally comfortable teaching in a classroom, addressing private audiences, and facilitating strategy sessions in a boardroom. Dom has been honored by academia, business, Scouting, and the U.S. military. His background includes the performing arts, serving in ministry, real estate investing, and working on the front lines with customers. Devoted to developing leaders, he specializes in helping high-performing people reach their next level.


Professional Profile


Dom is founder and principal of Dom De Bellis International. In 2010, he founded Riverstone Media Group in 2010 and served as a fellow of LeaderArena. In 1993, he founded De Bellis Communications. He was also a professional real estate investor. He has advised and consulted with clients on strategic planning and project management in marketing and communication, including web development and design, advertising, corporate communication, public relations, and technical documentation.


Writing & Speaking


Dom’s articles have appeared in trade journals and the popular press. A member of select industry and academic associations, he holds a degree from Illinois State University, where he also taught through the English Language Institute.


Dom speaks publicly on the topics of faith, entrepreneurship, leadership, small business, financial literacy, disability, Christian education, the arts, environmental stewardship, food independence, and sustainable living. Audiences include business groups, corporate events, chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, academic symposiums, church youth organizations, industry associations, Scout troops, military and veterans groups, and community organizations. He continues to develop and mentor people through Dom De Bellis International.




As the organizer for the Urban Ranch & Farm Project, Dom advocates for environmental stewardship, organic food production, food independence, sustainable energy development, waste processing, soil and water conservation, and affordable housing.


The Personal Side


Dom grew up in the Chicago suburb of Lombard, tending the family vegetable garden. He learned stewardship of natural resources from his family and Scouting. Dom received leadership training in the Boy Scouts, where he received the Eagle Scout award; and in the U.S. Navy, where he received numerous honors and an honorable discharge.


In his free time, Dom enjoys serving with his church and a local
Boy Scout Troop, exploring the outdoors with friends, and visiting neighbors. A storyteller and fan of theatre, Dom can often be found reading, writing, taking in a movie or live show, or drawing with his nephew.

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