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The Opportunity


Able Pathways founder, author, and talk show host Robin Pritts was streaming his talk show online, but he had a problem he wasn't aware he had: the Terms of Service he was operating under gave too many creative rights to the website and not enough to Able Pathways. LeaderArena's co-founder, Dom
De Bellis, offered to transition Robin to a new channel on his new thought leadership platform, securing all rights for Able Pathways in the process; all LeaderArena wanted was a limited non-exclusive license to carry the episodes. Furthermore, Robin had consulting ambitions and Dom agreed to coach him to get that new service off the ground. 


Our Solution


LeaderArena had a new channel called "Able Pathways." It carried 4 years of show episodes, and streamed them to audiences off its pages. The channel also featured:


  • A marketing strategy, complete with a brand identity and marketing plan, social strategy, and editorial strategy ;


  • An official blog where Robin and 7 other bloggers contributed, with Facebook commenting and the ability to simultaneously post audience comments to Facebook;


  • Biographical profiles for each contributing blogger;


  • Streaming episodes of each of 4 seasons;


  • Advocacy "Game Changers" to mobilize target audiences to causes in politics, labor, and culture;


  • A threaded discussion forum for fans to interact with the authors and with each other


The Results


  • Robin recovered his creative rights as the show's creator and producer thanks to Dom's legal review of the other site's Terms of Service ;


  • The show migrated successfully to LeaderArena, where it stayed for a year, when Able Pathways closed its doors;


Lessons Learned


Working with Robin to develop and promote Able Pathways taught us just how critical media assets are to a thought leadership brand. No other LeaderArena member had the needed curation. We put our expertise to the task and produced the new channel on LeaderArena.

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