Transform your destiny through self-mastery.


We are opening up RE:VIVE to a select few.  The RE:VIVE experience is not for everyone. It is designed for the man who knows what he wants and is prepared to do battle with the world and himself to get it. It recognizes that the path to achieving what we want lies in balancing Dr. Bill Hettler’s six dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social.
You may be wondering if the RE:VIVE program is for you. If you’re a man who desires to bring balance and consistency between the six dimensions within your own life, you should apply. We accept men from ANY background, whether business owners or employees, military veterans, executives, tradesmen, married men or single. We strive for diversity within our groups. 

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Learn the way men can “have it all”—true balance between their business, relationships, and their innermost core. These are the things that make us human, and the things that make us uniquely men. 


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The RE:VIVE program is designed by men, for men. We honor the masculine in all of us; not to exclude females, but to recognize the God-given distinctions between the sexes, the differences that call for self-awareness and self-development that is unique to men.


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The RE:VIVE program offers you the opportunity to find clarity in your life’s purpose, your significance in community, your role as a leader, your calling as a husband and father, your approach to work and business. You’ll be guided by your coach, who lives like this every day and teaches you from applying this in his life, not just theorizing or reading from books.


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Best of all, the RE:VIVE program has been tried and tested for thousands of years of human history because it is rooted in biblical scripture. While the program is non-sectarian and not built to convince anyone to become a Christian, it teaches principles that are grounded in the Bible, proven by the practice of discipleship, and approved by some of the wisest minds in Western Civilization.  



No one is perfect. We are each a work in progress, on a path through life that’s as unique as the DNA in our cells. That path places different dreams and passions and “whys” in our hearts. No one has precisely the same “why.” That’s one reason we ask every applicant to complete such an extensive application. You might be surprised at the length of it, or by the personal nature of its questions, but they’re important questions, and we need to ask them, because they help us get to the heart of why you want to be in the program, why you’d be a good fit with the culture we’re trying to achieve here, and how you’d be good with other applicants in the same particular group.


So, you’ve read this far, how about applying for the RE:VIVE program?






Enrollment Closes







Pre-Session Reading
and Worksheets

  •  Before your sessions begin, your coach will email you a list of books authored by men, for men, that are foundational for the work you and your tribe of 12 will be doing on the RE:VIVE journey together

  • Your coach will assign pre-session homework requiring at least  2 hours of preparation on your part

3 Weekly Online
Webinars per Month,

for 6 Months 

  •  We'll meet online for 3 live hour-long webinars monthly (1 week off each month) during the 6 month RE:VIVE program

  • After each live session,  there will  be homework  assigned requiring at least 2 hours of preparation on your part

  • You'll receive a download link to the webinar recording after each live session as a study aid and keepsake of the experience 

Leave with Action Plans, a Follow-Up Plan, and Ongoing Accountability

  • Leave a changed man, forever marked by the experience of moving as one tribe through self-discovery, accountability, and renewed sense of purpose

  • Leave with a 90-Day Plan to Win that outlines practically and methodically the tactics you'll use to realize the outcomes you set forth in your strategic plan 

  • Once weekly during the 90 days after the RE:VIVE sessions end, you'll meet virtually with your tribe for a brief accountability check-in before the workday begins. In this way, the RE:VIVE journey continues with your tribe far beyond the course 

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get in the RE:VIVE program?

Pre-session coaching, reading, and homework;  3 hours of live hour-long webinar group coaching per month during the 6-month session; homework during the session; recordings of the group coaching sessions; custom personal after-session action plan; weekly follow up check-in with tribe and coach; accountability for 90 days beyond the session; the total RE:VIVE experience exceeds 9 months in all. 

How much does RE:VIVE cost?

The program fee is ​$2,376, which you prepay when you register, once you're accepted into the RE:VIVE program. 

So your cost for RE:VIVE works out to $396 per month.


If you need a payment plan, you may pay $990 up front when you register, plus another $990 a month later, followed by a third payment of $990 a month after that. Your installments would total $2,970. So your cost for RE:VIVE works out to $495 per month.


It's clear you have a 20% incentive to prepay for RE:VIVE in a single payment up front, a savings of nearly $600 We've given you 2 options for that: Pay by ACH bank transfer or use Visa or MasterCard.

Does RE:VIVE come with a guarantee?

We guarantee your coach will facilitate an experience for you that will be personalized to you, encourage you to explore the six dimensions of your personality, so you may become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, spiritual gifts, and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving the results you want.  

We don't guarantee any actual results in your life, because those results are up to you. You have to create results by applying what you learn through the experience every single day. Only you can do the hard work of self-development. Since no one can do it for you, no one can take responsibility for it, but you.

We can give you guidance, the action plan; we can provide the context for the experience and accountability to hold you to your action plan. But if you fail to do the work and follow through on your action plan, the responsibility lies in your hands, not ours. It is your life, after all.


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