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Building Your Business After God’s Own Heart


Transform your destiny through entrepreneurship


I want to equip families with the Bible’s teachings on financial independence through business building and investing. My program will transfer these teachings, along with mindset training and entrepreneur skill training to families and their kids so they may develop assets that generate income for them, so they don’t have to rely on others to provide a job or other financial resources. I am not reinventing the wheel; I am only teaching what God has already said.
Develop a nation of entrepreneurs—leaders who through their commercial enterprises influence others for Christ, make disciples among the lost, while providing great value to a watching world.
What Kingdom Entrepreneurs Is NOT
You may have already bought and completed online courses or webinars on how to start a business or how to supplement your income with one of countless opportunities out there. Maybe you’ve failed repeatedly, or perhaps you’ve succeeded beyond your expectations. Kingdom Entrepreneurs is not a business opportunity. We will not be recruiting for or enrolling you in an “upline” or “network,” participating in any “marketing scheme,” or otherwise selling you a “system for success” that you can “plug into.”
What Kingdom Entrepreneurs Is
Now that you know what Kingdom Entrepreneurs is not, let's go over what you can expect from our program, and from us.

We are children of God, disciples of Jesus Christ. We teach from the Bible and from secular sources consistent with the scriptures how and why to form business ventures in families: to honor God and enjoy his blessings, build stronger familial bonds, strive for material and financial provision and independence, eliminate debt from our lives, and prosper in the calling to which God has drawn us  into his Spirit. 

We study and celebrate how business and the ways of trade are honored by God throughout the Bible, and how Jesus himself conveys timeless business concepts and leadership principles throughout his earthly ministry.

We encourage each other to live a balanced lifestyle, one not consumed with making money but life in the Spirit, which truly balances home, relationships, business, and your innermost core. We have faith that God wants us to “have it all,” subject to his sovereign will in each of our lives. What that looks like for you or for me is going to vary; it is as distinctive and wonderful as each of us is made by our Creator. He has made his creation truly wonderful in its variety and diversity and that extends to the businesses run by his children in the world. 


We teach business fundamentals for the 21st century, strategies and tactics that get results. We know equipping people is the key to releasing them. But it's not just showing your how—Your coach mentors you through doing so you'll have real experience as business owner/operators in the real world.


We learn using technology and media to leverage knowledge delivery in efficient ways, making education more affordable. This brings access within reach to more people who want to learn while shortening the timeline between "learning and doing." To make Kingdom Entrepreneurs even more family friendly, we encourage participants to invite their spouses or business partners to join them on webinars and online forums at no additional charge, so they may progress together.

We believe God has a plan for each of us and that we really can “have it all”—true balance between our business, relationships, and discipleship. God empowers us through the Holy Spirit to excel in every area of life, and the Kingdom Entrepreneurs program celebrates that.

The Kingdom Entrepreneurs program is designed by Christians, for Christians. We know you have all sorts of business training available in the world, but we wanted to offer a program designed to meet the expectations and higher standards of children of God who wanted to balance work with the demands of family and ministry through their business.


The Kingdom Entrepreneurs program offers you the opportunity to find clarity in your life’s purpose, your significance in community, your role as a leader, your calling as a minister of the Gospel, your approach to work through business. Your coach lives this out and models the lifestyle by applying these in his life.


Best of all, the Kingdom Entrepreneurs program has been tried and tested for thousands of years of human history because it is rooted in biblical scripture. It teaches principles that are grounded in the Bible, proven by the practice of discipleship, and approved by wise men and women for thousands of years. 

God made each of us with a special plan and purpose. We are each a work in progress, on a path through life that’s as unique as the DNA in our cells. The journey is one of self-discovery and service to others. That path places different dreams and passions and “whys” in our hearts. No one has precisely the same “why.” We propose entrepreneurs are called to own businesses to glorify God and to serve others. That’s one reason we ask every applicant to complete such an extensive application. You might be surprised at the length of it, or by the personal nature of its questions, but they’re important questions, and we need to ask them, because they help us get to the heart of why you want to be in business, why you think you'd be aligned with the culture we’re trying to achieve here, and which other applicants would be a good fit  with you as we assign particular people to the same study group.


So, you’ve read this far, how about applying for Kingdom Entrepreneurs?





(One individual or couple per seat)

Enrollment Closes







MAKE 3 monthly payments of of $120, TOTALING

Pre-Session Reading
and Worksheets

  •  Before your sessions begin, your coach will email you a list of books and other resources, that are foundational for the work you and your tribe of 12 will be doing on the RE:VIVE journey together. 

  • Your coach will assign pre-session homework requiring at least  2 hours of preparation on your part

3 Weekly Online
Webinars per Month,

for 6 Months 

  •  We'll meet online for 3 live hour-long webinars monthly (1 week off each month) during the 6 month RE:VIVE program

  • After each live session,  there will  be homework  assigned requiring at least 2 hours of preparation on your part

  • You'll receive a download link to the webinar recording after each live session as a study aid and keepsake of the experience 

Work Your Action Plan, Leave with a Follow-Up Plan, and Receive Ongoing Accountability

  • Leave a changed person, forever marked by the experience of moving as one tribe through self-discovery, accountability, and renewed sense of purpose

  • Leave with a 90-Day Plan to Win that outlines practically and methodically the tactics you'll use to realize the outcomes you set forth in your strategic plan 

  • Once weekly during the 90 days after the RE:VIVE sessions end, you'll meet virtually with your tribe for a brief accountability check-in before the workday begins. In this way, the RE:VIVE journey continues with your tribe far beyond the course 

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes the Kingdom Entrepreneurs program distinctly Christian and not just another business training?



The best way to answer that is to lay out our core values and let you decide. Those values include:



  1. God made us in his image, to reflect his glory. His purpose in saving us is to make a family for himself, for us to enjoy him forever. He delights in forming in us the character of Christ, so we may bring him glory. When we serve others by bringing value to their lives and their work, we fulfill a deep, divine call in obedience to his will. Without joining God's family through salvation, though, our businesses are reduced to a means of making money and not a calling to minister to others or go deeper in our relationships with God.

  2. Understanding the way money works is a key not only to entrepreneurship but to handing personal finances well. Mastering personal finances is the key to handling business finances well. Personal deficits in this area will lead to issues with your business finances. As Jesus said, "He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much." (Luke 16:10) God lays out financial principles in his Word that we model and teach in the Kingdom Entrepreneurs program.

  3. Knowing individual purpose is a journey. We celebrate the biblical teaching that God has not merely created us with raw talents, but gifted each of us through his Spirit so that we may build up fellow believers and serve humanity. Each individual is therefore special in the sphere of influence God has given, the specific gifts he has kindled, and the mission to serve others through those gifts. Our sense of purpose can only emerge when we discover our place in society by living closely with God.

  4. To start a business first demands self-awareness and self-development. To know oneself is one of our most important attributes, not so that we may be puffed up in pride, but to understand how and why we think and do. This is so that we may empathize with others, and thereby be sensitive to their needs. In the process, it forces us to address self-limiting beliefs we hold onto and change the mindset that holds us back.

  5. To run businesses productively requires systems that are proven, and not merely technology or gimmicks; we uphold and practice biblical principles that teach us what God expects from those he calls to own a business. Using these time-honored and divinely validated tools is how we obey God in our enterprises. 

  6. One important aim of any disciple is to leave a legacy to the future. "A wise person leaves an inheritance for their children's children." (Proverbs 13:22) But surely, it's not the only legacy; teaching God's lessons through Kingdom Entrepreneurs has the power to break the cycle of poverty that afflicts multiple generations of families. 





What is a “Study Group?”


We designed the Kingdom Entrepreneurs program in a particular format. A Study Group is a class organized around that structure. Each Study Group is limited to just 12 individuals who take the program together; each may participate with their spouse or business partner at no additional charge. The Study Group does everything together: scheduled webinar sessions, accountability to action plans, problem-solving roundtables. The shared experience of learning and doing together is intentional and critically important; without the Study Group dynamic, participants would not receive the full value of the program.



What is included in the Kingdom Entrepreneurs program?



Pre-session coaching, reading, and homework;  3 hours of live hour-long webinar group coaching per month during the 6-month session; homework during the session; recordings of the group coaching sessions; custom personal after-session action plan; weekly follow up check-in with the Study Group and coach; accountability for 90 days as follow-up beyond the 6-month program term; the total Kingdom Entrepreneurs experience exceeds 9 months in all. We've packed tremendous value into the program for the price! 


Kingdom Entrepreneurs is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed; to bridge the gap between your dream and the reality of operating a real business. With each module, we'll help you add to your business plan. You'll develop an understanding of what it really takes to be a business owner. Your coach will mentor your Study Group through the following modules:




Fulfilling God's Call Through Service

  • A higher calling

  • The call to serve

  • The call of freedom

  • Leading with your serve




Finance & Accounting

  • Finance & accounting for the entrepreneur

  • Cost models

  • Cash flow

  • Forecasting

  • Profit models

  • Profit and Loss

  • Monthly budget




Supply chain

  • Profiting with suppliers

  • Supply  chain diversification

  • Manufacturers

  • Wholesalers

  • Margin optimization




Marketing & Sales

  • Needs assessment

  • Value propositions

  • Competition

  • Positioning

  • Proof of concept

  • Sales funnels

  • Channels

  • Pricing

  • Promotion

  • Social media




Leveraging Others for Success

  • Virtual assistants and freelancers

  • Contractors vs. employees

  • Joint ventures

  • Agreements





  • Sales

  • Delivery

  • After sales service




  • Free or near-free software

  • Customer relationship management

  • Bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll

  • Help desk ticket software

  • Productivity software

  • Scheduling software

  • Point of sale systems

  • Web apps

  • Mobile apps




The 1-Page Business Plan

  • Customer segments

  • Value propositions

  • Distribution channels

  • Customer relationships

  • Revenue streams

  • Key resources

  • Key activities

  • Key partners

  • Cost structure



How much does Kingdom Entrepreneurs cost?


The program fee is $360, which is discounted to $299 when you prepay your registration, upon acceptance. This reflects a 20% savings on the price.


We've also made a payment plan available, so you may make 3 monthly installments of  $120 totaling $299. 


For your convenience, you may pay with a major credit card or by direct ACH bank transfer.


It's clear you have a 20% incentive to prepay for Kingdom Entrepreneurs in a single payment up front, a $60 savings. You may pay by ACH bank transfer or use your credit card.



Does Kingdom Entrepreneurs come with a guarantee?


We guarantee your coach will facilitate an experience for you that will be personalized to you, encourage you to explore the six dimensions of your personality and your spiritual gifts, so you may become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving the results you want.  


As for actual results in your life or business—those are up to you. You have to create results by applying what you learn through the Kingdom Entrepreneurs experience in your business and life every single day. Only you can do the hard work. No one else can do it for you, therefore no one can take responsibility for it.

We can give you guidance, the action plan; we can provide the context for the experience and accountability to hold you to your action plan. We can lift you up in prayer. We can provide the support and encouragement to give you the best chance at success. But if you fail to do the work and follow through on your action plan, the responsibility lies in your hands, not ours. It is your life, after all.


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