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Spa and Salon Businesses

Imagine your spa or salon on the most coveted marketing space ever—your customers' mobile phones. Place your brand literally in their pockets. Communicate instantly with 100% deliverable messages. Increase your profits and enhance your image by staying engaged with customers where their attention is most—on their mobile devices. 
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How A Custom Mobile App Can Help 
You Grow Your Business 

There's Never Been a Better Time—Get the Mobile Marketing Edge

Mobile Is Here—to Stay
People are using smartphones to shop or pre-shop, In 2014 alone, more than 50% of ecommerce visits were made using mobile apps—more than 60% using Apple iOS.
Powerful Options
Launching your own mobile app effectively creates a new sales channel. You can have exclusive coupons, loyalty programs, deals—and sell to them directly in-app. 
Mobile is a Whole New Market
Mobile apps are used by people who have never even used computers, opening a new market of customers. Question: Why doesn't your business have a mobile app?
Modern Design 
You app can reflect your business brand identity, so your marketing images are reinforced across all media you're already using.
Mobile App Customers are Loyal
Mobile app shoppers are fiercely loyal, with 67% only using apps from their favorite stores.
Customer-Loyalty Functions
Your app keeps you in touch
through messaging that reaches 100% of installed customers,
so you keep them close.
Ongoing Support
Every app we build and deliver comes with ongoing updates and expert support. We remain on hand to maintain the app and execute change orders as needed, so you're never on your own.

* Source: Mobile Commerce Index, 2014

Source: "Retail Shopping: Mobile Usage on the Rise," 2013

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Discover the Amazing Features Your App Could Include
—and How You Might Use Them in Your Business

  • Text and images from your website or Facebook; About, Services, Products, Hours of Operation, Location, Staff, etc.
  • Link to your website
  • Links to your social media—Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram
  • Paid ads from sponsors—If you want your app to produce income for you
  • Image gallery—present photos from your latest promotion
  • Video content from your YouTube channel, or upload new video
  • Audio content—podcasts or other company recordings
  • PDF reader—present static content to customers
  • Contact form—for customers to send you a private email message
  • Phone number—so customers may call you
  • Appointment reservation—so customers may book an appointment on their own, without tying up your staff, by checking your availability on your online calendar and selecting a date/time that works for them and you
  • Reward card—(for repeat customers—redeemable for bonus perks
  • Coupons—for new customers
  • Push notifications with beaconing—targets customers in certain geographies or at large with instant, 100% deliverable messaging (unlike limited email delivery rates)
  • Directory—so you can include useful resources to bring more value to customers
  • Location services—including mapping and GPS functions—provide directions to your business
  • Forms—include opt-in and customer input fields, or conduct opinion polls
  • Sell products to customers from within the app
  • Sell Amazon.com items to customers from within the app
  • Notes—so customers can type their own notes, all within the app
  • Compatibility with Apple iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android (phones and tablets)—for more than 99% market penetration.§

§ Source: Statista.com

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About Our Company
Dom De Bellis International delivers mobile apps, ebusiness websites, ecommerce solutions, and content marketing strategy
to small business leaders so they can compete on the global stage.
We bring our founder's 20+ years' marketing and business strategy experience and timeless values to help our clients win
by applying a singular foundational value: 
"We are relentlessly focused on your customers."
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our services, and how we can help you,
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