Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the hottest thing in marketing today. Every business wants the benefits of their own app riding on their customers' cell phones and tablets, but how can small businesses on "Main Street, USA" afford such technology?
We're pleased to offer mobile app development to even the smallest businesses. Imagine having a connection to your customers that they carry with them. ​These are not merely mobile websites, but fully standalone apps that your customers can download to their phones or tablets and interact with your business wherever they go.
Reserve your 30-minute FREE consultation, during which we will share with you what your app might feature for your customers to use, and you can specify any content or functionality you especially would like to include. Register for your 30-minute consultation below.
Here are some of the content types and functionality your app might feature: 

  • Text and graphics from your website;

  • Text and graphics from your Facebook page;

  • Videos from your YouTube channel;

  • Contact form for customers to send a private message;

  • Phone number so customers may call you directly;

  • Appointment reservation so customers may book an appointment by themselves, without bothering you, by checking availability on your online calendar and selecting a date/time that works for them and for you;

  • Loyalty card for repeat customers;

  • Coupons for new or repeat customers;

  • Push notifications to customers that either you administer or you allow us to administer for you;

  • Audio, such as podcasts;

  • Directory, so you can include useful resources extend the value to your customers;

  • Location services, including mapping and GPS functions;

  • Forms, so you can have opt-in and customer input fields;

  • Ecommerce, so you can sell products or services from within the app;

  • Viral apps, like Today in History, Phases of the Moon, etc., so you can sell ads to third party businesses;

  • Compatibility with Apple iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android (phones and tablets);

  • and so much more