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. . . Below Are A Few Screenshots From My Book:

. . . Around 300 Pages In All!


I Need Your Support For My Book & Program Launch

How Do You Know If My Program
Is A Good Fit For You?

  • Tired of poor quality food you're buying at the grocery store?

  • Noticed the ever-inflating prices shopping for basic groceries to feed your family?

  • More concerned than most with the spread of GMO, chemical additives, and factory farm methods that produce your veggies, fruit, and meat?

  • Worried about food safety and composition—its purity and nutritional value?

  • Want to be healthier by "eating clean" and avoiding pre-packaged products?

  • Want practical ways to conserve water and energy in your home?

  • Wondered how you might grow your own food at home?

  • Want info on raising at-home livestock or gardening in an easy-to-follow format?

  • Want to take control of your home energy and food once and for all?

  • Looking for earth-friendly and profitable ways to earn income from your home?

  • Ready to become totally food-sufficient in your home and neighborhood?

  • Interested in urban farming and developing an urban farm in your town?

Who Is My Program For?

My book is a 300+ page PDF you can read on pretty much any platform, including Apple iPad, Android tablets, and Windows
  • Health-conscious parents who want their kids to eat clean—free of toxins, injected animal hormones, fillers, preservatives, and questionable additives—and grow up strong


  • Ambitious kids, teens, or adults who want
    to earn money propagating what we grow inside the Eden Homestead platform


  • Activists fed up with "Big Food," who want freedom for themselves and their families to provide their own healthy food, have a healthier lifestyle,  and live longer. 


  • Educators who want STEM-based training opportunities for their students to learn biology, chemistry, ecology, and the commercial applications of our platform


  • Restauranteurs who want to set up an urban farm in their neighborhood to produce what they want to serve up to their customers


  • Entrepreneurs who want to create multiple streams of income and local jobs while investing in helping their community 


  • Community leaders who want to lead with integrity, help their residents, remediate their environment of the effects of industrial pollution, and foster sustainability


  • Retirees who want to teach their grandkids where food comes from and how to cultivate it without harm to the environment


  • Anyone who wants to eat clean—wholesome, organic food they grow themselves

. . . The Urban Ranch & Farm Project Created This for You!


I Need Your Support For My Book & Program Launch

 What Makes My Program So Different?



  • This is my LIFE'S WORK—Truly, this program represents the culmination of more than 20 years. Everything I've learned along the way, I've packed into this work.
    I'm excited to put it in your hands at last.


  • I've created more than just a book or course on urban farming—it's actually
    a GROUP COACHING PROGRAM, MEMBERS-ONLY CLUB, and MANIFESTO FOR A GLOBAL MOVEMENT rolled into one! It's my mission to help individuals, families, and communities take back control of their food without interference from corporate giants that charge high prices, damage our health, poison the foods we eat, harm the livestock, too—and destroy the environment.


  • Packed with 300 pages of my personal guidance, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations, including parts lists, tools you'll need, and even market prices when available. I didn't want to leave you guessing in the middle of any of these lessons!


  • Includes membership in the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group so you can connect with the author and other members who have joined my program.


  • Members are invited to monthly group webinars to learn advanced strategies for deploying urban farms, profiting financially from filling commercial niches through your urban farm operation, as well as earning money promoting my program through its Affiliate Program.


  • Members share in the Facebook Group how they apply lessons from the book to their own lives to eat healthier, create home-based income from their gardens and livestock operations, and help their local community at the same time.


  • Members get the opportunity to co-brand* the book with your organization's identity and earn affiliate commissions* through sales made through our store


  • I've priced my Program within reach of ordinary people because I want everybody to be able to access it. Even the top-tier package, broken down by month, amounts to less than $11. And it's packed with value so you don't just buy the book and let it sit in your device gathering dust. 



*See Purchase Options below and the Program Terms for 
Grow Fresh Organic Food to Feed Your Family and Sell for Profit  for details

What's In The Book, Anyway?


Section 1: Water Systems


1.A.  Introduction to Aquaponics: Simulating Natural Systems to Grow Food


1.B.  Aquaponics Cycling: Establishing the Bacterial Colony


1.C.  Build Rain Barrels and Cisterns that Capture, Filter, and Store Rainwater


1.D.  Optimize Water Oxygenation in Your Aquaponics System


1.E.  Plumbing for Aquaponics: Pumps, Supply Lines, Drainage, Irrigators,
Venturi, and Making Them All Work Together to Grow Food


1.F.  Build Aquaponic Filters and Add Pumps to Strain Out Solids, Oxygenate Water,
and Culture Beneficial Bacteria


1.G.  Build a Grey Water System That Reuses Water from Your Home


Section 2: Food Crops


2.A.  Grow Rooted Plants from Seeds


2.B.  Grow Sprouted Grains to Feed Your Livestock and Family


2.C.  Clone Cuttings into Rooted Seedlings for Your Gardens and Sell for Profit


2.D.  Build a Vertical Aeroponics Tower System


2.E.  Build a Hanging Vertical Aquaponics System


2.F.  Build a Deep Water Culture Aquaponics System


2.G.  Build a Flood-and-Drain Aquaponics System


2.H  Build a Nutrient Film Technique Aquaponics System


2.I.  Build an A-Frame Irrigator Aquaponics System


2.J.  Build a Dutch Bucket Aquaponics System


2.K.  Build a Mobile Plant Cloning Nursery and Fish Nursery in a Spare Closet


2.L.  Build Vertical Aquaponics Towers for Massive Yields Per Square Foot


2.M.  Build a Living Wall and Grow Veggies in Your Kitchen Year-Round


2.N.  Use Air Pruning in Containers for Healthier Roots and Bigger Yields


2.O.  Build an Algae Bioreactor and Cultivate a Nutritious Superfood


Section 3: Livestock


3.A.  Install a Fishery to House and Grow Out Your Fish


3.B.  Raise Fish Fry to Restock Your Fisheries


3.C.  Raise Prawn or Crayfish Inside Your Aquaponics System


3.D.  Raise Meat Rabbits for Food and Fertilizer


3.E.  Raise Chickens for Eggs and Fertilizer


3.F.  Raise Colonies of Invertebrates to Feed Your Livestock


3.G.  Earthworms and Compost: How and Why They Go Together


Section 4: Energy & Economy


4.A.  Things You Can Do to “Go Green”—Save Energy, Save Money, and Be More Independent


4.B.  Build a Window Solar Furnace and Generate Free Heat for Your Home


4.C.  Automation Tools and Technology That Minimize the Drudgery and Human Error That Are Your Enemies


4.D.  Set Up Your Greenhouse for Year-Round Operation


4.E.  Build a Solar Dehydrator That Preserves Food Without Electricity

4.F.  A Modest Proposal: The Eden Homestead


I Need Your Support For My Book & Program Launch


Who Am I, Anyway?

I'm Dom De Bellis, and I'm the founder
of The Urban Ranch & Farm Project
and the guy who created the new book,

Grow Fresh Organic Food
to Feed Your Family and Sell for Profit
and the Group Study Program based on it.


I live and work in Niles, Michigan
and dream of living on an urban farm
with a few friends and a dozen or so cats.


What About Pricing?

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