Gig Detail: Sales Representative

I'd rather take a chance on someone despite their
shallow experience and skills than pass up someone
who has the heart to serve, learn, and grow with us.
Part of my role here is to make sure every team member
gets what they need to do real good here.

We’re always looking for talented people who work well on virtual, cross-functional teams with a variety of projects, from sales and marketing to design and content development, to booking events. While we look for good people skills with a strong track record, we also like working with ambitious beginners. A customer servant's attitude and fierce commitment to deadlines are essential, and a good sense of humor is no less required!


Sales Representative

(This is a 1099 FREELANCE or CONTRACTOR gig—NOT a job)

(This gig is designated TELECOMMUTE OR WORK FROM HOME)


We're looking for an ambitious individual to serve as a commissioned Sales Representative reporting directly to the Principal Consultant. This person will be working from home, communicating regularly by Google Hangouts, email, and phone with our Principal to achieve sales goals by conducting sales calls with prospects by phone, through email, and in peron to convey the value proposition and secure the deal with a minimal sales cycle.


The ideal candidate is expected to close on the first or second call or, at a minimum, arrange a free review of prospects' existing websites or mobile apps; check in after the review has been conducted; and close the client on a new contract.


The Rep will provide reliable information and establish outstanding rapport, while updating the CRM system with accurate, up to date, and thorough notes for each contact. To qualify for a weekly base of $200, the Sales Rep will log 250 calls with prospective clients in the CRM and close 2 new accounts for the Company.


Prior experience in sales or marketing is a plus for this COMMISSIONED opportunity. You will know you're effective in this role when you successfully build contracts each and every month not just for one-time personal income, but also for monthly recurring income. Great people skills, effective communication skills, and a high energy, positive attitude are all important keys to success in this role; you must be self-motivated, know your strengths, and be self-aware so you may be prepared to double-down on those strengths and hit the ground running. Our leadership is here to encourage you to spread your wings and soar. Let's launch your next chapter together!


Sales Representative Responsibilities:


• Collaborate with the Principal to effectively communicate the value proposition to prospects in various targeted industry niches using a basic script and emails with the objective of booking appointments for the Principal using Calendly.


• Prospecting door-to-door, through social media, and in local networking groups as needed


• Generate your own leads while also using leads provided by the Principal 


• Provide a high level of responsive service by responding effectively to clients before, during, and after the sale


• After you land the sale, effectively upsell clients on their monthly media buy while upselling them on related services


• Participate in weekly sales meetings via Google Hangouts along with the Principal and other marketing team members.


• Updating our marketing database with every prospect using Hubspot CRM

• Understanding company services and brand


Sales Representative Requirements:


• Previous sales and customer service experience


• Competitive spirit, drive to achieve, and self-motivation to win


• Confidence and professionalism to connect in person and over the phone


• Ability to work one-on-one and build strong relationships


• Desire to set your own schedule and meet sales goals


• Professional, sales-driven individual oriented toward GOALS established in conjunction with the Principal.


• Enjoys talking to people and presenting


• Outstanding work ethic; self-motivated 


• Effective written and verbal communication skills


• Ability to work effectively within a team and independently


• Own and use a computer, phone to present to and close people


• Use Google Docs, Sheets, Skype Hubspot CRM, Calendly; 


• Organized and efficient


• Digital marketing experience


• Own your own Google Calendar and connect it to a Calendly account you establish

Food to Feed Your Family and Sell for Profit. For more than 25 years, I've run small businesses, created jobs, served clients, and pushed up people through entrepreneurship. I'm a lifelong Scouter, U.S. Navy veteran, and seasoned educator, having taught students in the military, university, and corporate environments.
These days, I'm focused on "The Care and Feeding of Leaders™," making sure those who serve so many are nurtured and supported themselves. 
I work with clients to break down process problems, work through team dynamics or communication challenges, or to break the grip of self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving a breakthrough in their relationships, self-awareness, next-level development, and growth in their business or career. 

Maybe you want to grow as a leader, but something is holding you back. Or maybe you want to be more intentional about creating the life you were meant to live—one of purpose, significance, and lasting influence. You've come to the right place. You are welcome here!
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I am a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the forthcoming book, Grow Fresh Organic

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