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Everybody is busy. It's the common denominator of anyone who's trying to get something done in this world. And for leaders, it's compounded, with action plans that require us to multiply our productivity and leverage time and resources to getting more done in less time.

Every week or so, I need to devote a day to simply "Executing." This is because, in the course of a typical week or series of weeks, tasks inevitably slip to the next day and the next, until they pile up. And a list of piled up, unfinished tasks quickly becomes unwieldy. Worse yet, it shows us to be people who don't finish what we set out to do.

It's not that there aren't perfectly good reasons to have unfinished tasks at the end of a typical day or even week. We may be waiting for people to get back to us with important answers before we can move forward with a project, or we're holding off an important decision because we need a critical piece of data. As leaders, we know that cooperating and collaborating with others is a key to getting things done, so these are perfectly valid factors. What we can't do is make these into excuses for procrastination, because as we know, the show must go on. So, while we're in "Execution" mode, we're focusing on rounding up those people or data that are bottlenecking our action plans and resolving them so we may move forward.

Designating a day exclusively to "Execute, execute, execute" allows me to stop, set aside any new tasks that might be coming in, and focus on checking off those tasks that have piled up. It's an effective way to make sure I'm moving forward on action plans and not just postponing tasks indefinitely. We've got to clear the buffer so we don't get bogged down in bureaucracy, else we become the bottleneck.

Dom De Bellis is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, coach, and minister of the Gospel. When he's not serving his church or Boy Scout Troop, he is helping people in cities grow organic food.

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