If you're a small business owner, professional sales rep, or you're otherwise responsible for generating your own income, you already know how challenging it can be to keep the sales pipeline full of qualified leads you can call on to reliably close into new accounts. And you might think that buying sales leads through the Internet might be an effective solution to this problem, but you're confused by all the techno-mumbo-jumbo and might not be sure who you can trust for accurate information. And let's face it: without a pipeline full of sales leads for you to close, you don't have a real business at all.

A History of Web-Generated Leads

It's true: the web has been used to generate millions of sales leads, and many of you may have even bought those web leads before, only to find that they had also been sold to your competitors; so, by the time you call them, they've already been barraged by several sales calls, all offering to sell them the same thing you're trying to offer. The result is they're exhausted and don't want to listen to another sales pitch or they've given in and agreed to do business with your competitor.

Caveat Emptor

Is that really what you thought would happen when you bought those sales leads online? Probably not. It all sounded so good, right? "Targeted leads, delivered to you directly, people ready to buy what you're offering." What they didn't tell you is that those leads would be sold and re-sold as many times as possible to profit the lead mill, without concern for how that would affect you, their client. Heck, there wasn't even any language saying those leads were fresh. For all you know, they were generated 6 months ago—hardly "fresh" by any definition of the word.

There Gotta Be A Better Way, Right?

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to generate fresh leads exclusive to your business—that's right, only you will receive them so only you will be able to call on them. So no more crummy, retrodden leads; or aging leads that no longer have the same needs 6 months later; or leads shared with your competitors and losing sales to them. So, how do you do it? How can you keep that sales pipeline full, month after month, with an endless supply of sales leads so you can build your business and even expand and scale?

Here's How Paid Search Pays Off For You

The secret is working with a lead generation specialist who builds you an online sales funnel that's branded for you and which uses paid Google search to put your business in the coveted "Google Local 3-pack" at the top of search results. A qualified lead specialist skilled in funnel hacking can make it so that you'll budget a monthly budgeted amount to purchase Google AdWords. That advertising budget will buy traffic from Google searches to your business offer on the web and cause your business to jump to the "Local 3-pack" at the top of search results for those terms specified in your Google Ad Words purchase.

Stay Tuned . . .

Stay tuned for my next post, which will cover how I get my sales funnels work for clients, how they flow to clients, and how I get paid. Until then, make it a great week!

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Dom De Bellis is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, coach, and minister of the Gospel. When he's not serving his church or Boy Scout Troop, he is helping people in cities grow organic food.