My solemn pledge to event planners:
I will be one of the easiest speakers you've ever worked with.
Your audiences will love me—so your boss will love you!     
Are you an event planner who loves working with easy speakers—pros who don't flake out or freak out, who don't think they're a diva; the kind of speakers audiences love and rave about afterward?

If so, you'll want Dom De Bellis for your next event!
Touching Hearts . . . Changing Lives
Dom De Bellis grew up the happy son of a lovely immigrant couple in the Chicago suburbs. He had a normal home life and even managed to get through college, thanks to the U.S. Navy and the G.I. Bill. He was happily running his business a few years later when one morning—bam!—he learned he had a brain tumor. The coming years would be ones of increasing disability and dependency. Surgery, followed by drug therapy and radiation—They only made him feel worse than the tumor had. And losing his pituitary gland and part of his hypothalamus left Dom with catastrophic hormone deficiencies. But what he wasn’t prepared for was losing his ability to work. Medical and mortgage bills ate through savings, retirement accounts, and home equity until, finally, he could no longer pay health insurance premiums. Desperate, Dom turned to public aid. He filed for bankruptcy. It was hard enough being disabled—now he was flat broke, too. But this is not where his story ends . . . 
In his speeches, audiences learn the rest of Dom’s story. He engages them with thought-provoking topics, inspiring them to perform at a higher level and make a difference for themselves, for themselves—for the whole world:
  • Why disability does NOT mean the end of independence
  • How personal faith in God makes all the difference in facing adversity, defining one’s purpose, and finding significance
  • How people with disabilities can control their destiny with entrepreneurship to create their own economy
  • How the absence of a literary and arts-based education in schools today has resulted in epidemic cultural deficits
  • Secrets about how money works that “THEY” should have taught us in school, but didn’t—and how you can learn now
  • What the Boy Scouts taught Dom about leadership that the military and corporate world only wished they knew
  • How schools set entrepreneur children up to fail, and how you can raise your entrepreneur child to win
  • Why sustainable living is Christian stewardship, and how we can save the planet for our children’s children
  • What in the world are we allowing into our kids’ tummies?—And what is the cost of cheap substitutes for real food?
  • How urban farming can feed the world and teach us what we need to grow food anywhere on Earth, in space, on Mars—and beyond
Dom Speaks on:
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Disability Advocacy
  • Small business
  • Financial Literacy
  • Liberty
  • Christian Faith & Practice
  • Education & Homeschooling
  • The Arts
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Food Independence
  • Sustainable Living
For more than 30 years, Dom has performed and spoken live on stage to audiences in a variety of settings. That experience includes training and working as an actor, musician, director, producer, videographer, and talk show host.
Dom Speaks to:
  • Business groups
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Academic symposiums
  • Church youth organizations
  • Industry associations
  • Scout troops
  • Military groups
  • Community groups
Contact us to discuss your next event, specific audience, whether you'd like Dom to deliver a keynote, platform speech, or other presentation, and any particular topics you'd like covered. Thank you for your interest!


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Food to Feed Your Family and Sell for Profit. For more than 25 years, I've run small businesses, created jobs, served clients, and pushed up people through entrepreneurship. I'm a lifelong Scouter, U.S. Navy veteran, and seasoned educator, having taught students in the military, university, and corporate environments.
These days, I'm focused on "The Care and Feeding of Leaders™," making sure those who serve so many are nurtured and supported themselves. 
I work with clients to break down process problems, work through team dynamics or communication challenges, or to break the grip of self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving a breakthrough in their relationships, self-awareness, next-level development, and growth in their business or career. 

Maybe you want to grow as a leader, but something is holding you back. Or maybe you want to be more intentional about creating the life you were meant to live—one of purpose, significance, and lasting influence. You've come to the right place. You are welcome here!
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I am a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the forthcoming book, Grow Fresh Organic