When You've Been Around Awhile,
People Tend to Talk . . .

 Intelligent, witty, inspirational: just a few words to describe Dom De Bellis. His talent and wisdom will pay high dividends for you.
Sean Desnoyer
Dom was able to interpret market and business direction into key promotional vehicles to support our regional growth campaigns. He offered excellent guidance on how to strongly articulate key messages in communications across different regions and cultures; a very strong marketing professional.
Ian Brown
Business Development Manager
Andrew Corporation
I enjoyed working with Dom and we were able to produce some great work. I would recommend him for his passion, attention to detail,  creativity, and his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.
John C. Havemann
Senior Art Director
Sketch House
If everyone could be as detail-oriented as Dom we would live in a different world. He produces highly professional work on budget, on time. Highly recommended!
Richard Godwin
President, Space Technology Holdings
I've always found Dom to be truly passionate about marketing and the creative process. 
Tim True
True Image & Marketing
Dom is very dedicated and passionate about his business and works to ensure that the customer is always happy. I have worked with him for over two years, and he is an amazing person to work with. He is always very personal whenever I see him.
Andrew Nathan
Loan Officer, Enterprise Mortgage
 I have known and been working with Dom over 25 years. Recently we collaborated on a consulting project. I had to fly across the country to set up a pizzeria and, in the middle of the project, things almost went south. Dom stepped up and helped put things right. There's no one else I'd rather have my back than Dom De Bellis. 
Scott Pyburn
Professional  Illustrator & Consultant
Dom is amazing— his enthusiasm and energy are wonderful! SO creative—I'm glad to know him.
Michelle LeBlanc
Founder, Naperville Cultural Center
I  discovered many wonderful qualities that Dom displays both personally and professionally. He has been a trusted consultant for my business and speaker at my events. Dom portrays the ethical and professional traits businesses look for. 
Kadie O'Connor
President, Referral Marketing Solutions
Dom was a terrific asset in helping me launch my business. I valued his input and the time he spent to make the process as easy and painless as possible, so I could focus on growing my business. I would definitely recommend Dom.
Andrew Nathan
Founder, Smart at the Start
I have known and done business with Dom De Bellis and I can faithfully recommend him for advertising and promotional services.
Christopher Bennett
Owner, Winfree Business Growth Advisors
Food to Feed Your Family and Sell for Profit. For more than 25 years, I've run small businesses, created jobs, served clients, and pushed up people through entrepreneurship. I'm a lifelong Scouter, U.S. Navy veteran, and seasoned educator, having taught students in the military, university, and corporate environments.
These days, I'm focused on "The Care and Feeding of Leaders™," making sure those who serve so many are nurtured and supported themselves. 
I work with clients to break down process problems, work through team dynamics or communication challenges, or to break the grip of self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving a breakthrough in their relationships, self-awareness, next-level development, and growth in their business or career. 

Maybe you want to grow as a leader, but something is holding you back. Or maybe you want to be more intentional about creating the life you were meant to live—one of purpose, significance, and lasting influence. You've come to the right place. You are welcome here!
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I am a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the forthcoming book, Grow Fresh Organic